Metal Braces and Clear Aligners

Metal Braces and Clear Aligners

Which option will be best for them is a question that many patients (or their parents) have asked us. Since choosing this is a very personal matter, anyway it’s crucial to keep in mind that while aligners can address most orthodontic issues, they cannot treat all of them. It is crucial that you discuss which option might assist you in getting the greatest outcome with your orthodontist during your initial session.

However, in many instances, you can choose between the two, so you may choose based on your preferences and what best fits your lifestyle. Braces are attached to your teeth and might be composed of porcelain or metal. The teeth are then assisted in moving into the proper position with elastic bands and metal wires.

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Custom-made plastic aligners are fitted to match your teeth. The teeth are gradually moved toward their final position with each aligner. Various teeth have small lumps of composite resin, a filling substance colored like teeth, affixed to them to help the aligner grasp the tooth and move it in the proper direction.


Being transparent and explicitly crafted to suit your teeth, aligners are less evident than braces. This may influence many patients, but not all patients. You can continue to brush and floss generally because your aligners are detachable. This is important since many individuals find cleaning their teeth while wearing braces difficult. In general, aligners provide greater comfort than braces. Because the plastic aligner is smoother than metal or porcelain braces, the lips and cheeks usually feel less uncomfortable, even if the teeth can still be slightly sensitive as they start to move.


Braces can be used to address all cases, but aligners can only treat a few of them. Braces are, therefore, always a possibility. Braces come in a variety of metal styles, either colored or uncolored. You cannot lose or forget to wear the braces because they are affixed to your teeth. This may be helpful for some individuals if they lack the internal motivation to wear their aligners as prescribed.


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