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Dental bridges serve as a tooth replacement. To be more precise, they can replace a single lost tooth or a row of teeth.

A dental bridge is made up of several components:
The components that hold up your dental bridge are called abutments. The word can also refer to the tiny connection posts used in bridges supported by dental implants, even though it is most commonly used to describe natural teeth.
Artificial, or false, teeth called pontics are used to close the space created by missing teeth.
Abutments and pontics may be present in your bridge, depending on your circumstances and the type of bridge you are given.

A void in your smile caused by missing teeth might make it difficult to chew and speak normally. In case you are experiencing one to four consecutive lost teeth, consider getting a dental bridge. Bridges are typically less costly than dental implants and more pleasant than partial dentures. Consult your dentist about replacement possibilities if you are missing teeth. They can help you in finding a solution that satisfies your tastes, needs, and financial constraints.

Benefits of Bridges at 32 Dental 4U

    • Strength and Durability
    • Natural Or Enhanced Appearance
    • Improved Functionality
    • Enhanced Confidence

Wondering if these restorations are affordable?
Yes, bridges at 32 Dental 4U are affordable.   For patients with dental insurance, Dr Sunkara is a participating provider in many dental PPO plans.  For patients without dental insurance, we offer a dental discount membership option for patients who request it.

She offers a variety of payment options including extended financing With Cherry at


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