Dentures and Partials

Dentures and Partials

When you want dental replacements, dentures, and partial dentures are excellent options to consider. Despite what the general public believes, dentists are far more functional, comfortable, and realistic-looking than they formerly were. Dentures will likely compete with other dental implants in today’s market for the most practical and efficient teeth replacement. There are a few important distinctions between full and partial dentures to be aware of if you have made the decision to have dentures.

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Full Dentures

When a patient is missing every tooth, dentures, sometimes referred to as complete, traditional, or full dentures, are selected. In either the upper or lower jawbone, teeth may be absent. There are two types of complete dentures:

*Conventional dentures: After the last tooth is extracted, conventional dentures are preferred for the first eight to twelve weeks. The gums will have more time to heal because these dentures are less invasive.
*Immediate dentures: Immediate dentures don’t require a healing period and can be used right away. Since most people do not wish to have to go without teeth for an extended amount of time, immediate dentures are frequently recommended. As the patient’s gums and mouth shape change during the healing process, immediate dentures must be readjusted. While this could be viewed as inconvenient, instant dentures are typically only seen as a short-term fix.


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